Every Door Direct Mail

At PlayBig Online Marketing in Raleigh, NC, our Every Door Direct Mail service is a government program that makes it easier for businesses to connect with customers.

The United States Postal Service provides discounted postage rates, which allows companies to deliver mailers to every home and business in the area. At PlayBig Online Marketing we’ll help you implement this strategy effectively.

Everyday Direct Mail Targeting

When utilizing the Every Door Direct Mail program, businesses in Raleigh, NC can choose whether they’d like to send their mailer to residential addresses, or both residential and businesses. You can choose specific carrier routes that fit your target audience. Each carrier route will provide age range, household income, and size.

This program is attractive because it helps small business owners grow their brands quickly. Mailers can either get people into a store or drive traffic to a website. This program eliminates the need to invest in a mailing list. The USPS will also handle all distribution, which helps to cut down on costs considerably.

EDDM Programs

When business owners decide to utilize the EDDM program, there are two options from which they can choose. They can choose to do this on their own. When a business chooses to do this on their own they are responsible for each of the steps included here. Or, you can hire PlayBig Online Marketing to do all of the above on behalf of the client. We will use our BMEU permit and pass along the savings.

  1. Designing & printing that follow EDDM size/print guidelines
  2. Obtain a BMEU permit
  3. Bundle the pieces in stacks of 100 and sort by carrier route, and then organize in carrier boxes approved by the BMEU
  4. Deliver the boxes to BMEU after pre-purchasing postage voucher through online account

How To Get Started With Playbig Online Marketing

If you’re a small business owner interested in the EDDM program, give us a call today. Think about how many pieces you’d like to mail and to what area. Next, think about the offer and look of your ad. The more detailed you are, the better chance we have of making you the perfect mailer.

Deep Discounted Prices On Quantities of 10,000 and 25,000!

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